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About Air-purifying Plants

We are constantly exposed to toxic air, which has a negative impact on our quality of life and long-term health. Air purifiers are a great way to improve the air quality in your home, but they must be kept close at all times to be effective. With our air purifying plants, you can enjoy cleaner, fresher air in any room of your home for as little as a few hours of weekly maintenance! If you want to give your home or office a fresh, clean scent, air-purifying plants are a great option. They also have the added benefit of filtering the air, releasing the oxygen, and removing some of the potentially harmful toxins found in our homes. There are numerous species of air-purifying plants that can purify the air in your home or office. Lucky bamboo, ZZ plant, money plants, philodendron, and areca palm are among these plants. All of these options are relatively simple to maintain and can grow quickly without taking up a lot of space.

Taking Care of Air-Purifying Plants

Watering air-purifying plants is necessary in order to care for them and keep them healthy. Watering frequency is determined by the plant and its size, but most plants require water every 1 or 2 weeks. Plants should be given adequate sunlight to meet their needs. Watering can be done from the top or by using self-watering planters that allow water to seep in from the bottom up as needed.

Why Buy Plants from Nurturing Green?

We have a wide range of plants, planters, and plant care products to suit all your needs. Whether you're looking for a beautiful display for your home or office, or you're searching for the perfect gift, we have something for everyone. We have a wide range of prices to suit any budget, and we offer a wide range of delivery options to make sure that your plants arrive on time and in perfect condition.

It is well known that air purifying plants absorb carbon dioxide and eliminate common toxins from the air. Snake Plants, Money Plants, Philodendron, and Palm Plants are some of the most popular air-purifying plants.
Some of the plants that remove the most toxins are Areca Palm, Lady Palm, Bamboo Palm, Heart Leaf Philodendron, and Snake Plant.
Air-purifying plants such as the money plant, Tulsi (Holy Basil), and aloe vera provide oxygen 24 hours a day.
The NASA Clean Air Study showed that indoor plants such as Areca Palm, Lady Palm, Bamboo Palm, Heart Leaf Philodendron, and Snake Plant are effective at removing toxins from the air and provide the benefits of a cleaner environment.
Before or while purchasing an air purifying plant, consider factors such as space available in your home, brightness or sunlight in your home, time availability to put into plants, plant size suitable for your home, the purpose of purchasing the plant, pet friendliness if you have pets, and so on.
We usually ship orders within 48 - 72 hours and they typically arrive in 4-6 business days from the time of order. Please keep in mind that some deliveries may require 8 to 10 days to arrive in remote areas depending on the logistics partner's serviceability.
Yes, if you receive a defective/damaged plant, please contact us immediately to our customer care at +91 8826993218 or, and we will replace it with a new one no later than one week from the date of recieving.
We do not offer physical maintenance services. In case you receive a damaged product, we will replace it free of charge within 7 days of receiving your order. We also offer a 50% Lifetime Plant Warranty, which allows you to replace a damaged or dying plant from Nurturing Green for half the price of the plant.
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The exact number of plants that can be kept in a room cannot be specified. However, two air-purifying plants are more than sufficient. It is preferable if the plants are larger in size and have a greater number of leaves. NASA recommends one plant for every 100 square feet, or 9.2 square metres.
Yes, Philodendron broken heart plant (Monstera Adansonii) has been found to purify the air. Throughout the night, it continuously emits oxygen and absorbs CO2.
The snake plant is one of the most well-known air-purifying plants. It cleans the air and absorbs CO2 during the night.
Snake plants, Areca palms, philodendrons, and money Plants are thought to absorb the most CO2.
The majority of air-purifying plants are simple to grow and can withstand normal household conditions. Plants like the snake plant and areca palm require little to no light. Snake plants and ZZ plants only require watering once a week. Plants such as money plants and philodendrons, on the other hand, can survive even when watered twice a week.
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Any type of planters, such as ceramic, fibre, or metal, is ideal for air-purifying plants. You can grow your air-purifying plant in any of these.
The watering requirements of various air-purifying plants vary. Some plants, such as snake plants and ZZ plants, require only weekly watering. Plants such as money plants and philodendrons, on the other hand, can survive even when watered twice a week.
Yes, we have a variety of combos in which we provide pots with air-purifying plants such as Snake plants, Areca plants, Money plants, and ZZ plants, among others.
Yes, your plant will arrive in appropriate and safe packaging. Our state of the art packaging with multiple components secures the plants and pots, making them more stable and unshakable during transport. In addition, our boxes are made of high quality 5 ply corrugated cardboard and are eco-friendly, with locks to keep the plant in place and gaps to promote air flow.