Trendy Oxygen Plants Combo (Bamboo Palm & Philodendron Birkin)

Buy Trendy Oxygen Plants Combo Online
Trendy Oxygen Plants Combo (Bamboo Palm & Philodendron Birkin)
Trendy Oxygen Plants Combo (Bamboo Palm & Philodendron Birkin)
Trendy Oxygen Plants Combo (Bamboo Palm & Philodendron Birkin)
Trendy Oxygen Plants Combo (Bamboo Palm & Philodendron Birkin)
Trendy Oxygen Plants Combo (Bamboo Palm & Philodendron Birkin)

Trendy Oxygen Plants Combo (Bamboo Palm & Philodendron Birkin)

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We spend a lot of time indoors, making healthy indoor air quality a top priority. A NASA Clean Air Study from 1989 found that some indoor plants can reduce indoor air pollutants, VOC's like formladehyde, xylene, toulene etc and make the air cleaner.
  • They are some of the most popular air purifying plants for home & indoors, as approved by NASA. They fight pollutants, remove toxins & clean the air.
  • Their presence will spruce up your home decor & office space. You can place them on a table top, office desk or furniture.
  • All the plants are easy to maintain & easy to care for. They are a great choice especially for beginners.
  • Their beautiful foliage & stunning looks will make your home more beautiful. An ideal décor option for any room, living room, bedroom and office spaces.
  • Comes in our New Eco-friendly & Safe packaging. No use of plastic materials in the packaging. Made with high quality corrugated cardboard with locks to hold the plant in its place and gap for air flow.

Q. Is it safe to order a live plant online?

A. Absolutely! You need not to worry about this. There are two main reasons behind this…
1. Our Awesome Packaging: We use a technically designed packaging for delivering our plants. It is a two layered, specially ventilated recyclable package which keeps your plant as well as the planter safe and fresh. We line the inner layer with polystyrene blocks which keeps the pot fixed and unmovable in transit.
2. Our Awesome Courier Services: We use the best courier services in the country to insure your precious plants are delivered as quick and safe as possible.

Q. These glass or ceramic vases are so delicate what if they are broken in transit?

A. We have some special arrangements for the glass vases in our packaging. These vases are multi layered and well protected from any possible physical damages that could happen in transit.

Q. What if my plant is dead in transit?

A. Although this is very unlikely to happen as we are sending hundreds of plants every day across the country. But in case this happens please contact our customer care service and we will replace your plant to a new fresh one not after one week of the date of receiving.

Q. I have no experience of having any kind of plants. How would I know how to take care of them?

A. That is the beauty of the range of plants Nurturing Green have. You need not to be an expert to have these beautiful exotic plants. Just following the care instructions given to you with your plant. To know your plant better we suggest you to read our Plant Care section.

Q. Will i get soil with plant as well? Do i need to change soil if it comes?

A. You will recieve a potted plant in the pot as in picture. No need to change the soil.

Q. Is this a real or artificial plant?

A. This is a live real plant.

Q. Is it suitable for indoors or outdoors? Can i keep it in my living room or bedroom?

A. Yes, its an indoor plant and can be kept anywhere in the house. Though its a tough plant and can in survive dark corners, keeping in someplace with indirect sunlight will give best results.

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Easy to Care For


Easy to Care For

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Secure Packaging

New Eco-friendly Packaging with no use of plastic materials. Made with quality corrugated cardboard to prevent breakage & hold the pot in its place.

Healthy Plants

Our plants are grown in Special Indoor controlled Environment to take care of their needs & assure their quality to make sure you receive a healthy plant.

Care Instructions

Simply buying a plant & placing it in your house or office isn’t all that's required to keep it alive. You need to know and understand how to care for your plants.