Indoor Plants

About Indoor Plants

They are mostly found or grown inside residences or workplaces. Hence, they are also commonly known as potted plants or house plants.

The origins of indoor plants date back to 1,000 BC, when they were first cultivated by ancient Chinese cultures. However, they became more popular during the Victorian Era when they started appearing in the homes of the wealthy and middle class.

Today, house plants are a popular way to add a touch of nature to your home or office.

Most of the popular indoor plants in India are typically tropical or semi-tropical, and often epiphytes, succulents, or cacti.

Indoor plants can be classified in several ways, including by their ability to purify the air (air purifying plants), their tendency to produce flowers (flowering plants), and their growth habits (Ex. Bonsai Plants).

Indoor plants like air-purifying plants are amazing at absorbing carbon dioxide, releasing oxygen, and getting rid of common toxins from the air. Some of the best air-purifying plants are snake plants, ZZ plants, areca palms, philodendrons, and money plants.

House plants also include auspicious plants, which are said to bring luck to your home, and exotic plants mostly used for home décor. Some auspicious plants to have in your home include Lucky Bamboo and Jade plants. Other great plants to have in your home for decoration include the ZZ plant, Philodendron, and Aglaonema.

Taking Care of Indoor Plants

They are easy to care for and grow. They can even thrive with minimal care.

It is important to remember that every indoor plant has different watering requirements. If you are unsure of how much to water your plants, it is better to underwater them rather than overwater them.

Always remember to repot your overgrown house plants and fertilize them periodically to keep them healthy and thriving.


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The best indoor plants for homes include snake plants, ZZ plants, money plants, palm plants, and others. They are ideal to enhance decor and have good air-purifying capabilities.
We believe that all plants are beautiful. However, the Philodendron broken heart plant (Monstera Adansonii), is considered one of the most beautiful indoor plants due to its unique heart-shaped leaves and holes in them that resemble a broken heart, hence the name.
Snake plants, which also bloom in the dark; Lucky bamboo plants, which grow in closed spaces; and Agloanema, among others, are examples of indoor plants that grow without sunlight.
The majority of indoor plants are easy to care for and can withstand typical household conditions. You should also consider your plants' light requirements. Some of them require very little to no light. Furthermore, the watering requirements of various indoor plants differ. Some plants need to be watered once a week, while others can survive being watered twice a week. Aside from that, always remember to spray insecticide on your indoor plants.
When it comes to watering, each type of indoor plant has different needs. They don't all need to be watered every day. Just keep in mind that underwatering is always preferable to overwatering your plants.
There are many factors to consider before purchasing an indoor plant, such as what location is available in your home, how bright your home is, how much time you have to devote to plants, what plant size is appropriate for your home, what is your purpose for purchasing the plant, is it pet friendly or not if you have pets, and so on.
We usually ship orders within 48 - 72 hours and they typically arrive in 4-6 business days from the time of order. Please keep in mind that some deliveries may require 8 to 10 days to arrive in remote areas depending on the logistics partner's serviceability.
Yes, if you receive a defective/damaged plant, please contact us immediately to our customer care at +91 8826993218 or, and we will replace it with a new one no later than one week from the date of recieving.
We do not offer physical maintenance services. In case you receive a damaged product, we will replace it free of charge within 7 days of receiving your order. We also offer a 50% Lifetime Plant Warranty, which allows you to replace a damaged or dying plant from Nurturing Green for half the price of the plant.
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The benefits of various indoor plants vary. Indoor air purifying plants are effective at removing pollutants from the air. Flowering plants are great for home décor, and auspicious plants, such as Lucky Bamboo, are good for bringing good fortune.
Indoor air purifying plants such as Snake Plants, Areca Palm, Philodendron, and Money Plants are the most effective.
Yes, the Money plant is a popular indoor plant due to its air-purifying properties. Furthermore, it's believed to be effective in attracting wealth and enhancing good fortune.
Plants can make your workplace a more fresh, serene, and engaging place to work in. Some low-maintenance indoor plants to keep in your office include snake plants, ZZ plants, Philodendron, Lucky Bamboo, and Jade plants.
Some indoor plants, such as Jade plants, Snake plants, and Basil, require direct sunlight, while others, such as Areca palms, require filtered light.
There are many great indoor palm plants. Some of them are Bamboo palm and Areca palm.
Indoor plants are a great way to add some colour and life to your house. ZZ plants, Jade plants, Heartleaf Philodendron, Snake plants, and Lucky Bamboo plants are some of the best indoor plants for home décor.
Snake plants, Areca plants, Philodendron, ZZ plant, and Money plant are some of the air-purifying plants that are good for health.
There are numerous simple ways to accelerate the growth of your indoor plants. Some of the methods include providing adequate moisture, feeding plants on a regular basis, re-potting when necessary, and using high-quality potting soil, among others.